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Meal planning will change the way you reach your goals and even the way you live your life. It will allow you to achieve all your goals without having to meticulously track every bite of food. Having a custom meal plan also ensures that your food will be the high quality food that your body needs to function at its best. You won’t end up making those extra purchases at the grocery store on those snacks you think you want or throwing away the bad food you found in the back of the refrigerator. Additional benefits that come with the program are:

  • It is custom to your taste, budget, and goals

  • Spare you time you’re not spending being consumed about eating or cooking

  • Develop better habits and lifestyle changes to maintain what you’ve achieved

  • Cooking instructions

  • Grocery list

  • Grocery price breakdown if desired

  • Unlimited email access to me

  • Coaching and guidance all through the month

I believe that even though a meal plan should be planned and structured it should also be flexible. Not every day is the same and rigid. Sometimes you have dinner at a restaurant. Or something else comes up. That is where coaching comes in. I will guide you through questions like, I can’t find this at the grocery store what can I replace it with? I’m sick of this breakfast. What can I change it to? I’m going to this restaurant. What's the best option for me? I will also take your refrigerator, pantry and freezer inventory! A huge thing meal planning helped me with is not wasting food as I’ve mentioned above. So I don’t want you to toss everything you have and restock. I will take a list of all you have and will use as much of it as possible in a meal plan for you.


Health is not about the weight you lose, but the life you gain.

Dr. Josh Axe



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