Hi! I’m Inna. A Bastyr graduate and a former believer of quality over quantity[R1] . Thank you for visiting the Meal Plan Your Way. I truly hope that my story will encourage you and my program can enhance the quality of your life. Starting my weight loss journey, it actually took me a long time to learn what I have learned. All through the past years, I have tried several diets such as keto, paleo, whole 30, and many others believing that if my quality of food was ok, or if I followed specific rules like taking out food groups, I wouldn't have to worry about the quantity.

      Eventually, after a period of time into this practice, yet the weight was not coming off, I learned that quantity is just as important as quality. I also realized that I couldn’t eat paleo or keto for one month and then expect to maintain results after going back to old eating habits. I knew I had to make these changes permanent. In the past, I tracked calories and macronutrients religiously, but that left me consumed and overwhelmed. I knew I had to come up with a different way to track how much I was consuming. That was how the birth of meal planning came about. I realized that if I prepared in advance everything I was supposed to eat, I will not only be preparing the very amount I know I need but ALSO, the quality that my body needs to function at its best.

      So, throughout the week, I knew what I was eating. I can simply grab it from the fridge or freezer and go. I was also able to know exactly what sandwich I was going to put together for lunch. It made such a huge difference for me because I was no longer consumed with food, but rather focusing on other things in life and allowing food to be the energy that my body needed. I started eating to live, instead of living to eat. I also started to learn what my meals and snacks should look like, so when I’m not tracking, I can maintain what I have achieved. I finally started to see results while eating in a way that is sustainable and staying mentally sane. In creating meal plans for other people, I hope to impact the way you see food, help you to reach your goals with all the foods you love, the good quality that your body needs, and of course in the quantity you need. If you can relate and would like to learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out!

 [R1]Hope you didn’t mean to say quantity over quality?


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